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Assessment item 2: Producer / Creative Team Case Study

  • Objective(s): a, b, d
  • Weighting: 20%
  • Due: Week 6-7
  • Task: Students identify and conduct initial research on a producer or creative team. Following from this, students arrange to interview a working creative producer or creative team. Students present the results to the class in a short verbal presentation and a longer written presentation that is uploaded to a class blog, along with relevant additional audio and video materials.

Groups of 2 (unless approved by Louise Alston)

Interview scope:

  • Summarize their career to date.
  • What are their successes, challenges, key relationships?
  • How does their business work?  Creatively? Financially? In terms of marketing to their audience?
  • What do they get back from their work that isn’t money?
  • Summarize their creative process in general or on a particular project.

Presentation: 10 – 15mins: In class, both team members to present together.

Blog post:

POST YOUR BLOG POST HERE! Go to “dashboard” and in “Posts” click on “Add New”
1500 words.

Please post blog to:

Step one: Log in
Username: creativeproducing2012
Password: producing2012

Step two: post your blog

Step three: If you would like to edit your post click on “All Posts” in “Posts” and edit!

The password will change on Friday 14th Sept at 5pm – no more posts or edits will be accepted after this.


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