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A Chinese famous amateur film maker Wang Xiaofeng

Wang Xiaofeng’s occupation is Journalist. He writes report for Life Weekly, a famous magazine in China. He also has many different identities, such as fictionist, music critic, blog writer, net shop owner and from 2006, he has had a new ID: filmmaker.

His first film is Adventures of Xiao Qiang (2006). Wang wrote the screenplay, recruit cast, raised funds and directed. This film was made by digital video camera and all the roles were acted by his friends in Chinese blogosphere. This film was firstly released on their blogs so it was publicize as a first Chinese Blog Film.

In 2007, Wang started his second film called House of Flying Women. The name of the film comes from the film House of Flying Daggers (2004). House of Flying Women is a film regards to Extramarital affairs. Just like the first one, Wang act as a scenarist director and producer.

Wang’s third film is You’re So Mean (2008). This time, he employed not only his friends but also professional actors to perform so that this film looks better than first two films. As his first three films, this film will release on the Internet first.

Wang’s last film was made in 2012 which is not released yet. The name of the film is Bird Heart. The name is from a Japanese movie Chicken Heart (2002). He decided to make this film in a high standard and employed professional staffs.

In the process of making these films, Wang feel the most difficult part is looking for investors. He has met 15 investors for You’re So Mean but none of them have the intention to invest such a 90 minutes film. They don’t think Chinese audience will have the patient to watch through a long film on the Internet. Chinese investors prefer 10-minutes short films or so called micro movie. They believe this kind of short film makes more benefits for them. Fortunately, he found a big website to cooperate. He also found it is difficult to write a right screenplay even though he is a fictionist. He modified his original screenplay ten times before he asked advice from his professional screenplay writer friend. His friend said it was terrible after reading it. Then he continued to modify. Up to now, he has more than fifty version of the screenplay of Bird Heart. There is one more thing troubled him is money. Even though there are some investors, the fund is still cannot satisfy the film Bird heart. Wang plan to make a 3-D animation at the end of the film which costs lots of money. The way he decided to resolve this problem is calling on his fans donating. As a repay, fans who donated will be asked for attending premiere of the film.

In terms of successes, Wang doesn’t think there are many successes in his first three films. He admits they are pretty amateur and unprofessional. If he must say a success, then that’s he finally finished them. However, he said Bird Heart will be a totally different one because he was assisted by a professional team and many professional people. He have got  help a lot from his friends, especially a producer who gave him many advices so he can conduct the whole team.

Nevertheless, he feels lost sometimes when producing Bird Heart. After correct mistakes of the script, the screenplay is totally different from what he originally wanted. It’s good for the film but he feels there is too much limited and not like the first three films that he can do it following his inclinations. However, it’s the first time he aware how difficult is a good film made.

When it comes to marketing, he said he have never done this because he do not want to be restricted by money and marketing. As I see, it’s unnecessary because he has a lot of fans in China and they will watch the films no matter how good or bad it is.

Wang believe the area of Chinese movie is too impetuous. Everyone just wants money but ignore the film’s content. Audiences also take a part of responsibility of the problem. They would rather watch a shot Inferior loving film brimming with embed advertisement than have the patient to watch through a long but much meaningful film. He value the content more than the technique in the films. I think that’s why people like his film despite how rough it was.


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